What’s with retards online that add “lol” to everything they say?

Do they not know how to talk properly?

Are they social outcasts that are identified by their inability to converse with people who can speak the English language?

Examples of rediculous timed “lol”s:

  1. “We’ll be there at 6PM lol”
    How was that funny? Did that really make you laugh out loud?
  2. “Great tutorial, thanks for your help. lol”
    And that? Are people just using it as a new kind of fullstop?
  3. “I got home after the party and was so tired. lol. Need sleep.”
    Come on.. That was just silly..

I doubt I’m the only one realizing how dumb this all looks, yet people still just keep doing it.

Maybe I’m just not “trendy” enough and my age is starting to show, but I highly doubt that because it’s pathetic!

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