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Posts published in September 2012

How to drive traffic to your website!

This is a very hot topic indeed. Definitely one that everyone with a website should know all about.   To begin our journey we will look directly at the Traffic Generator Sites out there who – to be honest – are complete scams because all they really do is one…

jQuery limit fields to alphanumeric characters only

I was trying to restrict a form’s field from only allowing the user to enter alphanumeric characters into it. I looked all around and couldn’t find a nice way to do it without a plugin, so I wrote my own bind function that you can attach straight to an element.…

Make a dynamic year dropdown using PHP

Ever wanted to have a dropdown that automatically showed the current year and the few years before it? This is a quick and easy way to do exactly that! [code lang=”php”]

Pad a string with zeros using PHP

Recently I had to create a code/username maker to fit into a certain type of pattern so that all “broker codes” (as they were called) followed the same path. An example one looked like so: [code lang=”bash”] HJTH0001 [/code] The number needed to increment and I wanted to use the…