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Posts published in April 2011

Hide all error messages PHP

PHP Error messages showing up in your web applications are a dangerous thing. Not only does it look unprofessional, but it is also a serious security concern! Once you have completed debugging your website or web application you can place the following one liner at the beginning of your code,…

SiteWhois has arrived!

You can now use SiteWhois without having an HSMoore Account, try it free at If you are a developer looking to scrape our whois database then contact us for a free api key, otherwise your api requests will be limited to 2 queries per request/second.

SiteAnalytics Update

Hi all SiteAnalytics users! We have been working very hard getting the new interface looking as we wanted it to for the next build. Hope you enjoy all the new features we’ve added too! Take a look around!

HSMoore Accounts Updated!

This is just an update to inform everyone that HSMoore Accounts panel has had a major overhaul and now allows you to completely control your data more easily! Stay with us for some more great updates soon!