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Posts published in January 2010

HP Pavilion Laptop Madness

I have got an HP laptop and have started experiencing problems with it starting up for the past few months, it is only about 1.5years old and is supposed to be a decent one. It is an HP Pavilion dv9700 by the way.. Today the damn thing just didnt want…

Why you should use OpenGl and not DirectX

Below is a very interesting article I found that proves all the myths about DirectX being better than OpenGL, a very well written paper describing it best. Thanks for that guys at!

What does __FILE__ in php mean?

In php there are a few magic constants and I find __FILE__ to be a very useful one. It returns the full path and filename of the file in question. Take a look at the PHP Manual – Magic Constants for more information on the others.

Woopra Failed to Connect?

I have used Woopra for a few months now and have started seeing this warning/error almost everyday now: Could not enable live functionality at this time. Click to reconnect. If you click the text/warning/error it seems to go away… Anybody konw what’s really going on under the cover? What happened:…

Change PHP Session Time

The default time for a php session is 1440 seconds. You can change it by doing the following: [code lang=”php”]ini_set(“session.gc_maxlifetime”,1440);[/code] You can obviously adjust the second parameter (1440) to anything you like to change the timeout limit.

Stop mouse click in browsers

There have been multiple ways to stop your user/s from right clicking on your site, but many of them now fail due to the way firefox’s contextual menu loads. Below is an example of how to do it: [code lang=”javascript”] function _c(e) {if (document.all) {if (event.button==2||event.button==3) {return false;}} else {if…

Microsoft apps never care!

I often seem to have this issue when dealing with Microsoft software. You click “Cancel” and it just carrys on going, so you click it again a few more times and instead of it just stopping in it’s tracks, decides to rather tell you it’s cancelling and then shows a…

Place HTML Div on top of Flash

If you have ever tried to place a div or similar HTML element on top of a swf flash object you will know that it always tries to take precedence. You will need to do the following: In the code for the flash add: [code lang=”javascript”][/code] and in the embed…

Stage align and Stage scale in actionscript 3

If you want to position the flash top/left and not have it scale when you resize it’s bounding box window, you can set the following code. [code lang=”actionscript”]stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT; stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE; [/code] For full documentation from Adobe take a look here.